Slowly, Slowly

The author has been experiencing a bumpy life ever since she was diagnosed of depression. No progress was made since then, the situation seems even exacerbating. Yet she still believes that there’s an end for this mess. To her, the key is not whether do you conform to fate but how you’re accepting you and your flaws, and, finally, believing that slowly, slowly it will get better. In visual design, I tried to convey the concept of “day after day”. During my search of the best method to visualize this idea, what came up to mind is what I usually do when I’m counting:  drawing a circles. I draw hallow circles for the unsatisfying days, and paint them with colors for satisfying days. As more are painted, the circles tangent and overlapped.
I also designed the logotype to convey the sense of the time the name of the book tries to convey. The Mandarine name of the book is 慢慢 /man man/. The word 慢, in Mandarine means slow. By widening the portion of the word and then slicing and repeating the fragment of the word, I created the echo-ish visual effect.
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