Hi I'm Daniel!
Hi I'm Daniel!
I have backgrounds in UX, visual design, and business
I have a Master's degree in User Experience Research & Design at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; however, I studied business for my undergrad and visual design. I was a Marketer at e-commerce, a Design Strategist at media/consultancy, and a graphic designer. These experiences brought me perspectives and skills that are still useful to me as a Product Designer. Cause, in essence, my mission has always been to help people by understanding their needs. Only I now know more ways to approach them.
I'm a first-gen college student
As a first-generation student, I know the difference information can bring to people. Spent so much time figuring out how and where can I find the knowledge to feed my curiosity. Hence I'm passionate about empowering people with information and giving everyone a voice in any form of design!
Iā€™m an ENFJ, the advocate ā†’
I totally agreed with how I'm described! I am this person always wearing a smile and am motivated by engaging with people. I desired to bring a positive influence on people's life. Perhaps that's why my friends said if I were a food, I would definitely be a brownie. Plus, I'm good at analyzing complex problems; the process of solving puzzles always keep me driven.
At times, when I'm not in the mood of saving the world, I go gardening. I have been in charge of my family's garden since middle school (haha). Even now, living in an apartment with my partner, I still have my little garden by the window. I also love film photography. I'm that guy always carrying my old Nikon FE running around capturing lights and creating memories
One of my hobbies is taking photos of the places I went to and the food I had. The other thing is, I love anything that involves maps. So I started sharing them on Google Maps since 2016. Now I'm a Level 7 Local Guide, and my photos on Google Maps just hit 29 million views (yes, a proud map nerd šŸ¤“)!
I'm always in the mood of connecting with people.
Can't wait to hear from you already!