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I'm Daniel Tsai, a product designer with a background in visuals and business. Currently Senior UX Designer at Lutron Electronics designing smart home products to blend hardware and software, reality and digital, for audiences from homeowners to electrical engineers. Here are some of my works!


Timer for smart home lighting


Diagram for complex system


Media app for crypto investors


Emotion tracker super casual

In my free time, I like to learn random knowledge, from architecture and plants to cities and stuff. I also enjoy creating things, so I thought, why not combine them, and voila here comes this side project: NiceOverview. One of many side projects that I'm working on. Thoughts and collaboration invitations? Let me know!

Side Project

NiceOverview for amateur learner

I’m also an aspiring photographer. Used to do a lot of film photography, and now more iPhones. I love capturing glimpses of the city and the neighborhoods.

I love food and cooking. Something about cooking and hosting friends is so sweet and cute. So here is a little bit of them.

At the very last, hi I’m Daniel and this is me! Really nice to meet you and why not not be a stranger and lets talk! This is my email,