I'm Daniel Tsai, a product designer with a background in visuals and business.

I'm a Senior UX Designer at Lutron Electronics, where I research and design products to blend hardware and software, reality and digital, for audiences from homeowners to electrical engineers.

Previously I was an XR Designer at XR Initiative at the University of Michigan, adapting high-stake courses into XR for students. In addition, I was a Design Strategist at Panony, creating a media app for crypto investors. I also designed products with NTE (education institute), Slash App (gig economic app), and Giloo (online-streaming service).

As a first-generation student, I know the impact information can bring to people. Hence I'm passionate about empowering people with information. As a member of LGBTQIA, I dream of an inclusive community where people feel at home. So I want to build a place where everyone belongs.

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