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I'm Daniel Tsai, a product designer with a background in visuals and business. Currently Senior UX Designer at Lutron Electronics designing smart home products to blend hardware and software, reality and digital, for audiences from homeowners to electrical engineers. Here are some of my works!

Smart Home Programming System, 2023 (wip)

Smart Lighting and Shade Integration

Embedding UX in developing process
Systemizing complex platforms
Tech Document Platform
for Electrical Engineers, 2022

Component Speccing Tool

Strategize complex document system
Collaborate across teams
Connect the resources
Smart Home Lighting App
for Mass-market Homeowner, 2022

Timer for Smart Home Lighting

Design digital for spatial
Form feature meanings for product future
Initiate the next project
Media App
for Crypto Investors, 2018

Crypto Information Sourcing

Identify the user set
Initiate features for products
Design UI elements
Emotion Tracker
for Young Lost Soul, 2019

Casual Trackor

Design for emotions
Leverage user behaviors for interaction
Map-based Learning Tool
for Amateur Learner, WIP

Nice Overview

Side project
Some coding
Some visual design